Fergal Murray has unique experiences in the following areas:

  • Working with and assisting in a number of craft brewers as they start their journey -- bringing technical and brand building advice and knowledge along with a mentoring and advisory support 
  • Building on my reputation and using this to assist how craft brewers and distillers can gain from my experiences 
  • Guinness Master Brewer and advocate that brought real value, education and credibility to the story of brand Guinness worldwide.
  • Global Brand Ambassador, where he promoted the Guinness brand in over 52 countries and delivered results to drive growth for Guinness as it trebled in size
  • Expertise with working in the Media on TV, radio, print and digital. Created some amazing events, and content to deliver value
  • Business Strategy experience, including commercial, innovation, marketing, sales, Route to Market - Supply chain, Brand building.
  • Brewing - Business Consulting, scenario planning, Idea Generation, Product Development, Quality Management and Technical Expertise.
  • Brewing management - responsible for the brewing to world best standards in over 8 brewing facilities Including St James's Gate Dublin other Irish brewing and packaging facilities Nigeria, and a long list of other Guinness contract breweries .
  • Led quality program for North America for all Guinness beers