As the Guinness Master Brewer I've had an extraordinary journey. It has taken me across the globe and built my reputation as a leader in the brewing industry. My contribution had a significant impact on the growth of the Guinness brand. As custodian of the myth and magic of making great beer I covered so many areas of the business. 

  • global brewing/technical expert
  • traveled and delivered brand advocacy across 52 countries and cultures
  • sold millions of pints worldwide
  • developed the concept and content of  'the perfect pint' and other rituals
  • over 1 billion global impressions via media coverage across the world
  • collaborated and influenced in delivering the brand messaging, helping to double the brand equity    
  • ability to inspire confidence and trust 

Now using my substantial experience to advise companies looking to the future proof and grow. My purpose to assisting in the growth of other great beers.