Here's to a Fantastic Year

Happy New Years to All, 

As 2018 comes to an end I'm really looking forward to what the new year brings. I had such a blast this past year being part of some new productions, all of these innovations were first ever creations and a true delight. 

They were: 
1. A fabulous Czech style lager in UK
2. A TantalisIng Munich style lager and session ale in Dublin - all ready to be on sale in the new year
3. A blonde ale in the USA - just being brewed today ( excited as we have a few special ingredients in this one )  
4. A red session ale already on sale in Dublin with brew 2 delivered and ready to go on tap — feedback has been fabulous on taste and profile 
5. Also, I have two product development trials on the go — looking at a few wild ideas — all to be released early spring 

So 5 brews in production in three countries, just keeping my hand in the game and looking forward to expanding who I can innovate within the coming year.