A Week In Review: October 2017

As a beer advocate and brewmaster, I find that many articles I consume weekly don’t really get my attention, but these few really took me by storm. As I read them I couldn’t stop thinking of how important their point of views were and that they were something that should be shared. Be on the lookout for some internal insight into the world of what gets a brewmaster like me to turn their head and listen up. Hopefully, you too will become an inner brewmaster as well.


Battleground Brooklyn | October



Not What You Think | VinePair



The Definitive Timeline Of Craft Beer Acquisitions | VinePair



Aldi's £18 whisky has been ranked one of the best in the world | The Independent



Chemists Say You Should Add A Little Water To Your Whiskey. Here's Why : The Two-Way : NPR



Wild Whiskey: How Whiskey Mash Is Different From Beer - The Whiskey Wash



Forget the Bottle, Invest in Whisky by the Barrel - Bloomberg



Join me next month in evaluating a new group of articles in the industry, for now, I hope you enjoy these amazing reads.